All About Animation is the culmination of my long-nurtured passion for animation, writing and design.

The website was born out of my love for animation and my immense annoyance at the widespread misinformation being propagated by people who either lack knowledge or have vested interests. In India, there is a great deal of ignorance about animation, fuelled by certain myths that urgently need to be shattered. “Animation is only for children, Animation = Cartoons”, “Animation is created on a Computer using Software with the click of a button” and so on. So despite the inherent talent and age-old traditions of story-telling, we have been able to attain neither critical acclaim nor commercial success in the field of animation. There is still a long way to go before we in India can capitalize on the animation industry boom and make a mark globally. There is a LOT of serious introspection and hard work that needs to be done. All About Animation is a step in that direction.

So, in late 2007, while everyone else in India was racing to create the Next Big Animated Film, I decided that I preferred being the one to write about it. Taking note of the serious dearth of animation-related information specific to India, in September ’07 I started AllAboutAnimation.com as a blog that covered various aspects of Indian Animation. The response was so encouraging that I decided to take it forward and develop it into a full-fledged portal that would become a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on the Indian Animation Scenario. This website was launched on 1st December 2007.

All About Animation is a sincere effort at animation awareness, education and encouragement, using digital channels as well as offline efforts. AAA is dedicated to enabling animation lovers in India to educate themselves on every aspect of animation, interact with its exponents and truly appreciate this art form in all its glory.


Awareness – for those who are interested in animation but know little or nothing of it.

Education – for those who know a little bit about animation and are interested in learning more.

Encouragement – for those who are already a part of the Indian animation community, either as students or professionals, and need nurturing, support and motivation.

Based on feedback and also the constantly evolving animation industry in India, I keep revamping and re-organising the website.  The current site reflects the same evolution and my apologies if you discover a few bugs or missing links somewhere. Feel free to send me an email if that happens or even if you just want to make a suggestion for new features to be added to the website.


Akshata Udiaver


About Me

All About Animation is a bootstrapped venture, to sustain which I design (logos, books, websites, mobile app UI) and write (fiction as well as non-fiction). Since January 2008, I have also been associated with TASI – The Animation Society of India, where I am a committee member and now the Honorary Secretary for the second term. TASI organises the highly popular animation festival Anifest India every year in mid-August in Mumbai. When I am not doing any of the above, I am busy researching on the Chitrapur Saraswat community for a book and documentary film, and penning a short-story collection. View my complete profile here.

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For more information, write to:  akshata@allaboutanimation.com