Introduction to Animation


The media has been touting animation as the ‘hottest new career’ and the billion dollar figures being flashed around are enticing hordes of people into the industry. Many youngsters are looking at animation as a viable career option but do they really know what they are getting into? Do they have the basic talent needed? Studios complain about the lack of talented animators, institutes are blamed for trying to make a quick buck off students without really training them… the finger pointing goes on. The demand for animators is certainly very high but unless they are trained well enough to meet the demands, the industry will flounder. What is the solution?


The best way to tackle any problem is awareness. And that is what this site has set out to do. The Animation A-B-C section covers various topics that are essential for any budding animator to know. Right from the basics of animation, the skills required, the temperament and attitude that an animator should possess, in short, all that one needs to know about!

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