RamSinghKumaresh Masterclass Module 2 announced

After the successful first module of RamSinghKumaresh’s Masterclass, the second module will now be held on 8th May and registrations have been opened. Here are the details:

Module II
– StoryTelling II
– Fundamentals of Movement II
– Anatomy for Visual Development II

Date: May 8th, 2010
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: Karma Hall, Whistling Woods International, Film City, Goregaon (East), Mumbai

To register, visit: www.ramsinghkumaresh.com

AllAboutAnimation.com interviewed Vivek Ram, Ranjit Singh & Vaibhav Kumaresh just before their debut session – read it here.

Sadly, I missed the first module held on 24th April due to unavoidable circumstances but our friends at CGTantra have a detailed report here.

AAA will be present at the second module so you can expect a detailed report for sure.

Here is a little bit of information about the Masterclass – It aims to bridge the gap between Animation Training and Education and covers the following:


Discussion on the basic building blocks of a story. How do you take an idea that sounds good, and actually construct a meaningful and captivating story out of it? A look at some interesting animated short films across various mediums with interactive discussions on their use of specific techniques to aid the storytelling process. Understanding different genres of film and the advantages of animation as a medium of expression. We will simplify story construction by discussing successful film plots and why they worked and in simple terms understand how to translate ideas into visual scripts for animation.

Fundamentals of Movement

Introducing the participants to the fundamentals of movement in animation. Whatever be the medium of animation, the fundamentals of movement remain the same. Covering the basic principles like stretch, squash, timing, spacing, anticipation, follow through and much more, the importance of each of these in creating convincing animation will be illustrated. Live demonstrations, homework and exercises for the participants as well as review and analysis of their work.

Anatomy for Visual Development

A study of the various anatomical structures in the human body in detail, and how each is translated into believable structures that make up the creatures and characters that we see on screen today. Emphasis will be given on those structures that are essential for an artist to understand balance and rhythm in characters created for both a realistic as well as a toony visual.There will be assignments so that the audience has a chance for a complete hands-on experience on the subject.

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