Curtainraiser: What’s new on AAA?

Exactly 3 years after it was launched, AllAboutAnimation, the website has got a makeover.

The site was launched on 1st December 2007 following the popularity of the AAA Blog which I started in September that same year. The idea was to present an independent perspective, which was sadly lacking in our “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” industry. As I attended event after event, launch after launch, I began to see what ails the Indian Animation Industry. Along with it also came the understanding that it will take a lot of time before things can improve, and that too only if the level of awareness and exposure to good animation can be increased exponentially.

In these 3 years, there were slow times on the blog/website with very few updates. I did not want AAA to become another mouthpiece for PR agencies sending out press releases at the behest of studios and institutes. I focused on well thought-out articles and interviews. Over the last couple of months, I reflected on what changes I would like to see in the site – new sections, interactivity, greater reach etc.

2011 will see many new ideas being implemented by AAA – on the website and offline as well. As some of you might be aware, AAA is a one person effort, so please bear with me as the improvements and additions take a bit longer than I would have liked. In case you notice any broken link or missing content, please send an email to feedback(AT)

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