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In my previous post I had mentioned how despite the bleak outlook of the market in general, VCL is about to embark upon a hiring spree. Information trickling out of other studios suggest that VCL is not alone. Many Indian studios and production houses are currently packed with work – be it outsourced or in-house. Most of them are even working on multiple co-productions simultaneously. What seems to have worked in their favour is that most of these projects began before the financial slowdown emerged. And the duration of these projects extends to another year or so. Therefore, the effects of the recession will not be visible in this industry at least for some time to come. A lot of animated features are being currently produced and though I’m not confident of the quality of the animation, it at least bodes well for the animators whose jobs are guaranteed.

What happens after a year remains to be seen. By then, if the situation is improving outside of the industry as well, then one couldn’t be asking for more.

The subject of recession particularly pertaining to the Indian Animation industry has been addressed before in this blog. Read here.

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  1. vishaal

    hey avinash, hows being an animator, i am thinking about joining an animation school, but was shaterred when i read how lots of them who have completed the course r jobless, is it true?

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