*EXCLUSIVE* The making of TZP Clay Animation

Remember, you saw it here first!! :)

Stop motion animation veteran, Dhimant Vyas and Aamir Khan Productions have generously shared photos of the making of the Clay Animation sequences from Taare Zameen Par.

Also read the exclusive interview with Dhimant Vyas where he explains the technique he used to animate these sequences and chats with us about his experience of animating for a Bollywood film for the first time ever. Taare Zameen Par or ‘TZP’ has made Bollywood history by being the first Hindi film to extensively use clay animation in the movie.

All the images below are copyright protected. Please DO NOT use them without prior permission. If you want to use the images or extracts from the interview, email us first.

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  1. Ranjana

    Hi Kaka,

    You are great! I am very unfortunate that I did not get chance to work with you when I was in TIS. Excellent movie and great work like a “Masterpiece”.

  2. fatima martins


    Mr. Vyas seen TZP with all the lovely things that u people put together. we as special educators try and reach a few, u’ll have reached the world and made a huge difference to human kind.Thank u, give my luv to kavya.

    Fatima Ma’am (GSMS)

  3. kavita

    Hi Kaka

    I have seen u at work for so long, (‘coz I too am an ex-TISian) and always knew that i was amidst a genius. But once again I am dumbfounded by ur creativity and sheer genius. Here’s wishing that u keep amazing us with ur creations.

    Kavita Vakharia

  4. Pallavi

    Hi Dhimant

    Great work. Keep it up.
    I am arranging workshops for kids of clay modeling & cell animation from last year.
    Do you like to visit to our workshop?

    waiting for your reply.

    Thank you

  5. Yogesh Gosavi`

    Hi Dhimant,

    Your style of stop motion ..is different and Innovative, Since I was amused when I saw this on screen that someone from pixsar or wall disney guy must have done it . But he turn out to be Indian Guy. Simlply great.
    I am also doing clay animation so I know what efforts it takes to create this aniamtion.
    Go onnnn…

  6. Syed

    Hi Dhimant,

    I have been to your company several time but i miss the opportunity to meet you, we have done the SAP implementation.

    It’s great opportunity to work with TIS (TATAINTERACTIVESYSTEM) Animation is my hobby & i would love to be a part of such a great team.

    Let me know how can i developed my skills further.


  7. Puloma

    I have seen Dhimant at TIS mumbai often…and I have talked about his work in TZP to everyone around. Boy am I not proud to be a Tisian!!! Way to go!

  8. Kirit M Joshi

    Dear Dhimantsir,
    I realy wondering saw your clay creativity, i would like to join your classis if it is in mumbai than please give me your address or phone no, because i like play with clay also done some creative things learing from you,
    i also making clay painting with finger so please i need you as my ‘Guru’. because when i saw your clay creativty than found my godfather. so dear sir i want to mit you,at list one time. thank you very much.

  9. Sunil Yawalikar

    I like tare Jami par very much. I am Collage Artist and doing much more for students and farmers, what ever Aamir presents that was amazing. All the best
    Sunil Yawalikar

  10. rajeev banjara

    dear kaka,

    i see ur animation work on film and on the programe NDTV good times . kaka aap ka kaam ki jitni bhi tarif ki jaye utni kam hai.i want make animetor so plz can u suggest me.

  11. Varsha Samuel

    Mr. Digant Vyas your cla animations are simply superb. Hope you work your magic on more projects like tare zameen par. It would be great if you held workshops for kids.All the best.

  12. sktajali

    its a great work . its great for me .after seeing your work i am impressed and start work on clay again. basicaly iam a 2d traditional animator . and learn clay animation from p.ganguli (NID).i saw all of your works. most favorite, save energy from animal planet.i want to know about the clay. what i am now using,its not parfect for the clay modeling. so pls suggest me the solution.


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